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Some Useful EyeBrow Waxing Tips

Every single girl on earth wants to have beautiful eyes, of course after the physical features. But beautiful eyes are not just about the qualities of the eyes; the shape of the eyebrows has a lot to contribute to it.

Everyone is born with different eyebrows, but not all of them have eyebrows of the perfect shape, size and thickness. In order to get such eyebrows, people make use of eye brow wax – a cosmetic product that works in the similar way as arm waxing does.

Eye Brow Waxing Tips

Waxing Tips

Eyebrows hair removal is not so easy, even a small mistake can spoil your whole look. Therefore you should do it carefully and in a proper manner. You may follow the below-given tips to make sure it is done in the right way:

Choose the correct shape

The shape, length, and thickness of your eyebrows should go well with the shape of your face. Rounded brows will suit the best on the person having a long and angular face. If you have a round and short face, then you must go for angled shaped eyebrows.

Correct Shape of Eye Brows

If you have no idea which shape will suit you best, then you must consult a beauty professional that can advise you better on eyebrow shaping. Also, the length and arc of the brows should be set accordingly.

Do not set the arch too high

Removing a bit of hair from underneath of your eyebrow can be good. But too much hair removal will make your brows look too pointed which will not look good.

Correct Arch Heights

Clean the skin properly and apply talcum powder

Cleaning and applying talcum powder on the skin around your eyebrows will help a lot in brow waxing. It will make it easier to pull the strips away while waxing more swiftly and painlessly.

Apply a gentle lotion after removing the strips

After the brow waxing, the skin around the eyebrows may turn a slightly red. This redness can be removed by applying a gentle lotion on the waxed skin. If you are not having such a solution, even an aloe vera gel will work out perfectly.

You may explore on the internet to get more tips on eyebrow fixing.