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Science Behind Your Biological Age

Every generation is curious about how to slow down or reverse your aging process. We always want to be young and energetic. But when the aging proceeds it makes your body weak and old. So, everybody nowadays is trying to find anti-aging solutions. In these days hormone replacement therapy is getting more popular for anti-aging problems.  

Before looking for such solutions, you need to understand the term “Biological age and Chronological age”. Biological age is the age measured at the cellular level of your body. In contrast, the chronological age is the calendar age that is how many years you have lived on earth till now.

Biological Age

Your biological age may be less or more than your chronological age. You have seen people who are 40 years old but they seem like they are in their 50’s. Biological age measures how fast or slow you are aging.

Chronological age

Our body is made up of trillions of cells. Every cell has its own nucleus and every nucleus has DNA strand. The DNA strand has a tail and this tail region is called telomere. The telomere is the cap on the end of DNA strands which protects the DNA.

A telomere is like a tip of the shoelace. If the tip of the shoelace is not present, your shoelace will not stay for long. Similarly, telomere helps the cell to stay alive.


When the length of the telomere is long, the cell is healthy and cell regeneration is happening without resistance.But with aging, the length of telomere gets shorter which makes the cells unhealthy and it ultimately dies. These unhealthy cells are the cause premature aging, cancer, weaker bones and other age related issues. So, the age related problems are directly related to the length of telomere which is responsible for health and the life of each cell.

The next thing which comes to your mind is, whether it is possible to increase the length of telomere or not. Medical Studies have shown we can increase the length of the telomere. There are various ways by which we can achieve this. So, you get a fair idea about your biological age and how it affects your body. You can visit here, for more information on the Biological age.