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Knowing About Surgical Sperm Collection

Nowadays it has been seen that many males face infertility problems and to help them with this infertility problem; sperms are collected surgically. But then a question arises “what is surgical sperm collection”. Many people still do not have clarified knowledge about this latest technology.

You might have heard about surgical sperm collection but you won’t be knowing what exactly is it and how is it done. This article will help you understand what does surgical sperm collection means and why it is required by some men.

surgical sperm

The testicles in male produce some specialized cells known as sperms. These sperms are the carrier of genes which have all the necessary material to fertilize an egg in an ovary and give birth to a new life.

immature spermsBut sometimes male’s testis produce sperms but are unable to ejaculate all at once due to blockage or absence of vas. Even sometimes there is lack of sperm count in the fluid released by males during sexual intercourse which leads to infertility.

To help these males with their infertility problem surgical sperm collection procedure is done which gives them an opportunity to father their own child.

This procedure was specially designed for collecting sperms from either epididymis or testicles. The sperms retrieved by this procedure are immature which reduces their ability to penetrate the outer surface of the egg.

To overcome this huddle and ensure the fertility of eggs these surgically collected sperms are injected to eggs for fertilization process as a part of In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment.