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Disruptive Physician Behavior Disorders – Identification, Effects, And Prevention

Nowadays, many healthcare experts have claimed their colleagues engaging in disruptive behavior with their team members, relatives, patients and other associates. Though, it is important to make a separation between being disruptive and supporting on the behalf of a patient.

To make you better explained there is an example when a physician behaves angrily with a nurse in a crowded hospital or raises his voice, shouting, abusing in a meeting is considered to be a physician disruptive behavior. These actions performed by any physician are inappropriate and disruptive.

When these symptoms are frequently seen this means physician are exhibiting this behavior in their routine and it indicates that there is a serious issue with the healthcare system that needs more attention. There are two main things to pay more attention: to determine how to report unsafe working conditions:

  1.  If any physician behaves inappropriately those actions will be listed in the American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics.
  2.  Any abusive manner, including sexual harassment or other verbal and nonverbal actions, could be threatened.

Before taking any action it is important to address the disruptive physician problems and determine how to report unsafe working conditions. Here are following signs that indicate physician disruptive behavior:

  • Physically threatening anyone
  • Making threatening
  • Intimidating physical contact with another person
  • Throwing things
  • Bullying
  • Violence or punishment
  • Sexual and other harassment etc

Prevention Of Disruptive Physician Behavior Disorders

  • The first and basic step for addressing disruptive behavior disorder is prevention and permanent treatment.
  • It is important for the hospitals and healthcare systems to develop a well-planned approach for making all of the team workers including physicians informed of what causes disruptive behaviors.
  • Also, the healthcare associations should understand that all treatment and codes of standards apply to almost every patient care team members.

The most important thing to prevent disruptive behavior is identifying the problems and symptoms. To know more details about disruptive behavior disorders and their effects click on this link and observe the information.