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Common Health Problems In Jack Russell

Jack Russell Terriers are known for their intelligence and robust personality. These dogs are the perfect companion for you and your family, especially the children.

Although this breed will make your life fun and more happening, it is better to be aware of their health issues to maintain this happiness.

Jack Russell

For your help, here are some of the health concerns that are usually found in a Jack Russell Terrier dog.

If your Jack Russell Terrier is having difficulty with his vision, take him to a veterinary doctor and get him tested. Dogs of this breed easily get affected by cataracts. If the surgical treatments are received on time, the chances of faster recovery are more.

Jack Russell Terrier Dogs

Do check the eyes of your dog on regular basis. If they appear to be opaque or red, it could be a symptom of an inherited disease called lens luxation, which is very common in this breed. In this disease, the lenses of the dog’s eyes get dislocated behind the cornea from their original position.

This condition is really painful for the dog and if not treated immediately, can lead to blindness. If you do not want your dog to face such situation, a regular eye checkup is mandatory. If you are buying Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale, it becomes more important to get them checked before they can be taken home.

Problems In Jack Russell

Pay attention to your dog’s breathing after exercising. If he is having difficulty in breathing, he could be suffering from Cardiomyopathy. This disease can have serious effects, including death. If you notice this type of abnormalities in your dog’s breathing, visit your vet as soon as possible.

These were some health issues that are commonly found in Jack Russell Terrier dogs. Apart from these, there are several other health concerns as well, like hernias, Patent Ductus Arteriosus, Hydrocephaly, etc. You may read full detail about these via this link.