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Some Chiropractic Techniques which can give you relief from back pain

Nowadays, back pain is really common among people but they don’t take their back pain seriously. But back pain is a symptom of various serious problems which can harm you later. These Chiropractic techniques are the best way to get rid of pains. To get rid of the back pain you can contact the expert doctors at River Oaks Chiropractic Clinic (Official Website:

Chiropractic Techniques

Below are the various Chiropractic Techniques that can give you relief from back pain:

  • Full-spine specific

This technique is used to deal with the back pains. It involves manipulation as well as adjustment.

  • Manipulating and Adjusting

Various varieties of disorders can be cured with this technique like the pain in joints, etc.

  • Activator

In this, doctors use spring-loaded, hand-held instrument or adjustment tool. Activator technique uses the small device instead of hands. This is also considered as a primary treatment for the people who have back pain.

  • Gonstead

In this technique, the manipulation or adjustment is done by hand.

  • Distraction

This technique is also used to cure the back pain. In this technique, doctors use both hands and mechanical help for the manipulation or adjustment.

  • Thompson

This is another technique for curing your back pain. In this technique, they use a special table that has segments known as drop pieces.

  • Kinesiology

This is the most interesting technique in the chiropractic field. This technique does more than just the alignment. The bones cannot be placed at the right place unless the muscles around them are not at the correct place. This technique thus helps to deal with such cases.

  • Sacro-Occipital

Sacro-Occipital is also a technique in chiropractics. This technique helps your body to adjust which reduces neck pain.

Thus, these all were the techniques which provide you relief from back pain. If you are also suffering from a back pain do consult a doctor and he will provide you with the appropriate technique to get rid of back pain. You can also check this useful reference to know more about the techniques of chiropractics.