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Brief On Headache And Pain Relief Treatment

Even the toughest person can get troubled by an headache.

But, what can someone do when they are not at home or are in the middle of the meeting and suddenly a headache starts???

Well, folks there are hundreds of ways to tackle such situation; it is not possible to carry medications with you all the time.

Either way prescription medications all have side effects, so it is better to avoid medicines and opt for naturopathy. But my reason behind writing this article to make you aware of the best possibilities that you try on and get rid of your headaches, while dealing with your position and present situation.

Headaches and facial pains have become quite common, these days. Especially people who work for late hours complain the most about having severe headaches.

What are headaches?


Headaches are considered as one of the most common and frequent ailments. BUT….BUT….Folks, do not consider headaches as a disease, because it is NOT….A Disease.

Yes, having headaches can be an indication of other fundamental problems. According to the studies, headache problem is commonly found in about 65% of all the teens.

Generally people suffer from headaches due to mental tensions and migraines, especially in teens, may be due to the pressure of studies. In certain cases these problems may require a visit to a concerned doctor.

A doctor, will able to better diagnose the headache symptoms and will able to guide you about the medications that are required to heal your problem.

Note: Finding cure of a normal headache is usually easy with painkillers, though headaches like migraines may require precise medication.

Well, there are 3 types of primary headaches:

• Tension-type (muscular contraction headache),
• Migraine (vascular headaches), and
• Cluster.

Types of headaches
Briefing: “Cluster headaches” are very sharp and painful that occur number of times in a day for months and then goes away for a similar period of time as well. You can read more about various kinds of headaches and the remedies offered in them at various online health sources.

Before ending….I would like to make you aware of some rare kinds of headaches, which are:

1. Ictal headache
2. Red wine headache
3. Brain freeze
4. Vascular headache
5. Spinal headache
6. Toxic headache
7. Rebound headache
8. Headaches after Hangover, etc.